Monday, June 18, 2012

Should PTSD qualify a vet for the Purple Heart?

Source: U.S. Army
The Purple Heart is one of the nation's highest honors, going to U.S. soldiers who have been wounded or killed during combat. But although combat PTSD can leave a veteran disabled, it does not make that person eligible to receive the Purple Heart. 

Should that be changed? Middletown Journal writer Barrie Barber looked at the debate and found a wide range of responses, like these two:

"If it's a true case of PTSD from combat, I think it should be awarded. Sometimes you can't just put a Band-Aid on a wound that's in your head." -- Air Force veteran Thomas Bush Jr.

"The Purple Heart is awarded for a physical wound received while engaged with an enemy force. PTSD is considered an illness and not an injury." -- VFW national spokesperson Joseph E. Davis

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