Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walmart therapy?

Going to Walmart can be pretty scary under the best of situations, but what if you also have PTSD? 

The Pentagon is apparently telling vets with PTSD that one way they can confront and overcome their anxieties is to go visit Walmart stores and other big-box retailers that are "often busy and noisy, and some people may be hidden behind things — and all those are perceived as dangerous," according to a recent story from Bloomberg News.

What do you think? Do Walmart's low, low prices offer a way to lower PTSD symptoms?

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Pentagon tries Walmart therapy to help traumatized troops


  1. Probably not. But the Pentagon's "low, low prices" of caring for our soldiers and vets is pretty sad. Another example of the military pushing people with PTSD off on a cheap-o, freebie "therapy" that doesn't work!!!

  2. Could not agree more, I am a vet with PTSD and they can not even get me a good nights sleep, been 4 years since coming home. The worst program they have is Army One Source, that is a way to just ignore the problem.