Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Study: Cannabis use slows PTSD recovery

A new study from the National Center for PTSD shows that marijuana use slows recovery for people with PTSD. In fact, of the veterans studied, those who had what the study calls "cannabis use disorder" had PTSD symptoms as bad as people who had received no treatment at all.

The study found that while cannabis temporarily relieved veterans' PTSD-related anxiety, the anxiety came back right after cannabis use was discontinued. The study suggests that PTSD patients be taught adaptive coping techniques before they are diagnosed medical marijuana.

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Cannabis Use May Prolong PTSD Symptoms

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  1. Complex-PTSD lasts a lifetime. There IS no cure. Have you ever heard a study say, "when we took patients off the diabetes Rx, their symptoms returned, therefore, we render it ineffective"? I think not.

  2. Granted, this study did not look at CPTSD.