Monday, August 22, 2011

Employers' Misconceptions About PTSD

According to a survey cited by Lisa Stern of the Department of Labor’s project America’s Heroes at Work program, 46 percent of HR managers believe PTSD poses a "hiring challenge" -- namely that people with PTSD or TBI are not efficient or create a potential problem for violence in the workplace. But Stern said these assumptions are myths, and no evidence backs them up.

In His VA blog Vantage Point, Alex Horton summarizes some of the advice Stern had for hiring vets and other people with PTSD:
  • Consider flexible work hours
  • Put instructions in writing instead of just relying on verbal communication
Stern also said that the act of working can by itself help reduce PTSD symptoms.

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Debunking Employers’ Misconceptions About PTSD and TB 

What other myths about PTSD have you encountered in the workplace? Discuss them in the comments.

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