Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can video games trigger PTSD?

The Hawaii-based PTSD organization Stay Strong Nation is arguing that the combat simulation aspects of the newest Call of Duty video game can serve as "volatile triggers for veterans suffering from PTS[D]."

Gresford Lewishall, vice president of the organization, said in a prepared statement, "Veterans either play or have exposure to the games and subsequently feel like they're back in Afghanistan or Iraq in life or death situations. Their heart beat accelerates and they feel a sense of unease come over them."

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  1. Well cause? I doubt it. In a videogame you are not in a life and death situation and dont care about your virtual comrades, so you wouldnt know what it is like from a game. However I very well believe that playing wargames might trigger symptoms in people who suffer from PTSD.

  2. Yeah, they are just talking about the possible triggering effect. Thanks for commenting.