Monday, October 25, 2010

Children Can Get PTSD from Their Parents

A Canadian study focusing on the families of returning vets indicates that parents can pass PTSD along to their children.

"Isolation, depression and trauma are among the symptoms soldiers pass on to their kids, according to preliminary results from a Canadian study," according to a report on the study at the website Parent Dish. Kids also risk "physical abuse, emotional neglect and unpredictable rage."

The study was very small -- just four teenagers whose parents, three of whom had PTSD, had served in recent conflicts, but it echoes other studies and real-world examples we've heard too much about.

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Children Getting More PTSD, Less TLC From Parents Returning From War

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  1. Speaking as the daughter of a WW2 Navy vet, I can tell you that's absolutely true. I know numerous people whose lives were shattered by parents who were traumatized in wars. I hope they do more work on this; and personallly, I think we should be compensated.