Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PTSD: What's in a name?

What the heck do you call someone with PTSD?

PTSD sufferer? (sounds like you have arthritis)
PTSD victim? (ick)
PTSDer? (I've used this a lot, but really?)

Even the term "Post-traumatic stress disorder" is awfully PC, and doesn't really convey the truth or the pain of the person living with it.

So seriously, what do you call someone with PTSD? Fearless Nation PTSD Support is having a discussion to come up with a new name for "people of trauma."

Here's how it all began:

"I was chatting with my friend, artist Glenn Fitzpatrick, and I referred to 'people with PTSD' as 'PTSDers'. Right off, Glenn said, 'I don't like that term, it makes it sound like we are defined by PTSD.' I agreed. I only used it because I hate terms like 'sufferer', 'survivor', or 'victim'... and I really hate the terms 'patient', or the condition described as a 'disease.'"

What's your thought? Join the discussion at WHAT'S IN A NAME?

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